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Happy Turkey Day! Korea-style.

Talking with my mouthful. Stephen eating his first Thanksgiving feast.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We celebrated it early here in Korea! We are very lucky to have a Costco in Daegu (not very common in Korea) and so we have access to many homestyle foodstuffs that we are used to back home for Thanksgiving. They also provided a service to foreigners where we could buy/order turkeys that came with gravy and stuffing. Since none of us have ovens, this was a total Thanksgiving miracle! Yay Costco!

We managed to rustle up some pumpkin pies and an apple pie. We cooked up mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, and stuffing (that our folks sent us from home). Cranberry sauce is also VERY hard to come by so someone’s family sent them that as well.

Mom sent me some ingredients for green bean casserole! Which, was a hit amongst the other foreigners that were unfamiliar with that dish.

Some holiday must-haves Mamma sent me!

Overall, it was a total success and so fun to cook with too many friends in a tiny apartment with too much wine and WAY too much pie.

I’m missing my family so much as these holidays approach but it helps to have a lot of friends who make my heart feel warm. Happiest holidays to all of you, near or far from your homes!

The all too familiar Thanksgiving food coma.

Credit to Maren Williams for the photos. I perpetually leave my camera(s) at home.