Hello there!

Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia (Me: Foreground, Peta my friend next to me)

My name is Sara and I am moving to Daegu, South Korea on February 16th, 2011 to teach English in a Daegu public school! I am originally from Denver, Colorado and I recently received my degree in English Literature at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

This blog will primarily focus on my personal life in Korea as I explore a new culture, language and occupation. But, the secondary focus of this blog is to discuss travel in general. Travel is something I am truly passionate about! I love traveling to somewhere new in my state, country and especially internationally. I hope to get to my other travel stories in future blog posts, but to cover the basics it started with relatively safe trek to England to study abroad at Leceister University.

Traveling to Korea is coming at a strange time in my life and grew out of a number of circumstances. While, I do truly love traveling and look forward to the thrill of living abroad for a year – I also embarked on this journey for less romantic reasons, which probably sound similar to peers in my generational cohort. Quarter-life crisis sound familiar to anyone? Unemployment? Disillusionment? Hopes and expectations falling totally short? I want part of this blog to be a forum to discuss the pressures that are on “Generation Next” or the “Echo Boomers” and how we’re handling those pressures. I’m moving to South Korea. 🙂

Enjoy – and please comment if you’re out there reading! I would love to connect to those of you who are interested enough to read what I have to write or ask questions about my experiences in Korea.


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